Brain-Based Therapy Services

Brain-Based Services

What are Brain-Based Services? At Talk Therapy ATX we strive to meet the unique needs of a client's brain. Whether that is one-on-one specialized therapy related to the way your brain experiences the world, in-depth psychoeducational trainings, or clinical supervision of new therapists, we believe that each brain deserves specialized care.

Clients Served

While there is no "perfect" client, we specialize in serving several specific client bases or treatment goals.


All brains are different; our therapists have additional training and support around autistic traits, attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), executive dysfunction, anxiety disorders, and other divergent ways of experiencing and processing.

Communication-Related Issues

Our therapists can help facilitate improvements in effective communication with significant others, family, friends, and/or co-workers, or navigate building and reinforcing trust through communication in traditional and non-traditional relationships.

Trauma-Related Counseling

Trauma has a major impact on the way we perceive the world. Trauma-informed counseling can support and guide processing and coping for an individual who has experienced a trauma in their life. Traumas can be "big-T" Traumas, things like major events or life-changing traumas that can be pinpointed, or they can be "little-t" traumas, which are usually more pervasive, long enduring, yet sometimes smaller in singular intensity.  

Individual & Family Therapy Services

What does therapy look like?

Therapy varies by the clients’ needs. Each client is unique and may need a different treatment plan. Some clients come in weekly for appointments, some every other week, others vary. Some like to work from a goal-oriented approach, other are more weekly event driven. Treatment is tailored to each client based on what goals they have and which types of treatment fit with their needs and personality. The general approach to therapy begins with talking about what the client brings into the room and seeking for deeper understanding and insight, then building skills on top of that knowledge.

Individualized One-on-One Sessions

Sessions are available one-on-one with a trained therapist. Our therapists offer direct services in-person at our South Austin office, or via secure telehealth to receive services from the convenience of your home or office. In these approximately 50 minute appointments, your therapist will develop a treatment plan to address your specific therapeutic goals and needs. Therapists are trained to help you discover underlying systemic patterns and guide you in processing your world and develop positive healthy habits and goals.

Dynamic Systemic Sessions (more than one participant)

Our systems consist of the people and other support elements in your world. Your system may be your partner(s), family members, friends, other other connected or supportive people. Our Therapists can facilitate couples, family, or other systemic group meeting in a therapeutic environment to develop communication, process thoughts, emotions or events, or build better connection.

Talk Therapy Care Clinic - Low-Cost Therapy

Low-Cost, Affordable Therapy Services via Tele-Health or In-Person Sessions. The Talk Therapy Care Clinic is here to connect our community with affordable threapy options from trained therapists. Sessions are offered at $25 per session and are lead by Graduate Level Intern Therapists under the supervision of Angela Funke, MA, LMFT Supervisor. Find out more on our Care Clinic page.

Group Therapy Offerings

Our therapists facilitate specialized groups several times a year on various topics. These groups are generally a blend of psychoeducation, processing, and support.

Upcoming Group Offerings

New groups coming soon!

Corporate, Education, & Small Group Trainings

Angela Funke, MA, LMFTS provides training and education on a variety of topics. Training an vary in length from an hour to full days of training, and can be customized for corporate, public, school, or small group settings. Find out more about Our Trainings

Therapy Session Rates

Session rate with Angela Funke is $150.

Talk Therapy Austin also provides low-cost affordable therapy services through our care clinic:

Care Clinic Sessions - $25 per session


Talk Therapy Austin and Angela currently accepts the following insurances for individual, couple/family, and group therapy sessions: Optum Network (United HealthCare and Oscar), Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO and HMO), PHCS, Cigna, and Scott & White.

For all other insurance companies, Talk Therapy Austin is considered an out of network provider. As an out of network provider, clients are billed for the hourly session rate, which can then be sent to your insurance for reimbursement, per your insurance company's policy. Please consult your insurance card or call them for more information on reimbursement policies.

Insurance is not accepted for Care Clinic appointments, however the same $25/session rate is extended to all clients, no insurance necessary for sessions through the Care Clinic.