Care Clinic

Low Cost, Affordable Therapy


Individual Counseling

Explore processing of emotions and thoughts around issues like anxiety, ADHD, depression, relationship issues, grief/loss, Autism, anger, and more. Or work on building new skills such as mindfulness, CBT techniques, or more 

Couples or Family Therapy

Work with a therapist on improving your relationship with your partner or other family members. Relational Counseling can help bring patterns to light, improve communication, build skills, and help process past events. 

Group Therapy

Groups are available for adults and adolecents on a variety of topics and/or skills. Some group topics may be: Neurodivergence, Relationship Processing, Connection, Skills Building, and more. 


What is the Talk Therapy Care Clinic?

The Talk Therapy Care Clinic is low-cost, affordable therapy solution for anyone in Texas.

What is the "Low-Cost"?

Sessions through the Care Clinic are $25 per session, no insurance necessary.

Who can receive therapy through the Care Clinic?

Therapy Services are open to residents of Texas, ages 6 and over.

Who are the therapists? What are their qualifications?

Therapy is provided by our graduate level intern therapists. These are therapist who have completed all their training and are working on their hours necessary with clients before gaining licensure with the state.

The therapists are supervised by Angela Funke, MA, LMFTS, and receive additional support and training throughout their work at the Care Clinic.

Why should I work with a graduate level intern therapist?

These therapists are similar to a resident doctor in a hospital or a student teacher in the classroom, before receiving licensure post-grad. They are fully trained and have experience with clients, couples and individuals, and receive any additional support through clinical supervision. Graduate Level Intern Therapists are enthusiastic and trained on the most recent, up to date techniques in therapy. Working with a graduate level intern therapist can offer fresh-perspectives at an affordable cost, while building on the expertise of the Clinical Supervisor and their graduate programs.

How do I set up an appointment with the Care Clinic?