ADHD Discussion Group for Couples

Covering the 10 Common Symptoms of ADHD
as addressed in the book Dirty Laundry

Throughout six weeks, group members will join together to discuss and process the 10 common symptoms of ADHD and support each other in gaining information and acceptance around this diagnosis. 

Have you, or your partner, ever experienced symptoms of ADHD affecting your life or your relationship? We will dive into the relationship of Richard Pink & Roxanne Emery, authors of Dirty Laundry, as they explore symptoms such as Time Blindness, Cleaning Reluctance, Impulsivity, Hyperfocus, and more. We will also explore the joys of ADHD and finding acceptance.

Hosted by Angela Funke, LMFTS & Ashley Langone, Graduate Student

Participants must live in Texas.

Wednesdays | 7-8pm | via Zoom

6 Weeks | Dates:


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Week 1

Introduction - Do What Now?

Week 2

Lost in Time & Space:

Week 3

Here & Right Now!:

Week 4

Cleaning Up Our Act:

Week 5

The Cost of Waiting:

Week 6

Looking forward: