Becoming Parents

A Discussion Group for Couples

Covering the individual and relationship impacts of transforming into a parent 

Over six weeks, couples will gather to discuss and process their journeys as new parents. Group members will have a place to offer support and recognition to each other as they share the joys and hardships of raising children. Whether you are thriving, overwhelmed, in search of community, seeking communication tools, or anything in between, please join us! We will be talking about individual and relationship impacts of transforming into a parent. Topics will include roles and responsibilities, physical and emotional changes, guilt, intimacy, identity, support systems, self-care, and more. 

Facilitated by Ashley Langone and Katrina Repman,
Graduate Intern Therapists
under the supervision of Angela Funke, MA, LMFTS
Talk Therapy Austin

Participants must live in Texas.

Join us Tuesdays 12-1:30pm
via Zoom

(Little ones welcome on-screen)

Session cost: $25/couple 

Begins October 10th

Join us for six weeks of parenting topics



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